Discover A New World of Incense

You’ll find the best variety of incense in New Mexico at the Blue Eagle! Our large selection of quality brand-name incense, available by the stick or pre-packaged, in cones, powders, resin, or granular form, sold pre-packaged or by weight. Our brand selection includes New Mexico-made Fred Soll’s and Nu Essence resins from Taos, the sweet and pungent resins and incense from Prabhuji’s Gifts, Wildberry, Satya Nag Champa, Essential Essence, Morning Star, Shoyeido, and Anna Riva stick incense and magickal purpose oils. We offer a wide inventory of essential oils and fragrance infused oil blends from Sun’s Eye and Nature’s Alchemy, white sage and desert sage, blue mint sage bundles and sweetgrass braids. We also stock decorative as well as functional incense stick and cone burners, aromatherapy diffusers and oil burners. In addition, we also carry a wide assortment of bulk magickal herbs and resins. We have a selection of non-aerosol aromatherapy mists from Crystal Garden, scented soaps and bath salts, Susan Grayson’s blessing water and roll-on oils from Gypsy Goddess.

One of the most consistent remarks we hear when someone passes through our door is how wonderful the shop smells!