Procedure & Benefits

While lying comfortably on your back , a crystal energy practitioner places seven fluorite octahedrons, three large and four small, on your body. One of the larger ones is placed in the center of the forehead with the point of the triangle touching the hairline. Two smaller octahedrons are placed above the center of each eyebrow, triangles pointing towards the larger octahedron in the center of the forehead. Another large one is placed at the throat, triangle directed towards the head, and a large one on the navel, triangle pointing towards the feet. The remaining smaller octahedrons are placed in the center of each groin (where the legs meet the lower abdomen) with the triangles towards the feet. The stones are allowed to remain in these positions for at least 11 minutes while the receiver breathes deeply and tries to calm the mind by releasing each thought as it enters the consciousness, ushering the mind into a state of neutrality and peace.

This layout is designed to channel and ground cosmic energy into the creative centers of the human body. The large octahedron at the hairline directs higher frequencies of energy into the consciousness centers of the brain while the smaller octahedrons at the eyebrows balance the hemispheres of the brain, allowing this to occur. The large octahedron at the throat activates the verbal creative center, allowing higher consciousness to be expressed through spoken word. The large one at the navel directs those higher forces into the physical body to be integrated into the actions of day to day life. The small octahedrons on the groin further ground and stabilize these forces into the physical body.

This layout, if practiced with regularity, will neutralize the thought processes, enabling the mind to consciously touch the source of all knowledge, which is spirit. When the mind surrenders and lets go, it can then merge into a higher form and become the pure creative force which is the essence of all thought. Upon tapping into this infinite reservoir of creative energy, it is then possible to consciously create the thoughts that will produce the desired results in ones life. This can only occur when the mind surrenders and truly humbles itself to cross over the threshold into the unknown, the inconceivable. Upon doing so, the resources for conscious creative thought are abundant.

The wonderful affects of the fluorite octahedron layout occur immediately during the session, just one treatment can ground you and bring order to chaos, make you feel renewed and improve your outlook on life. If practiced once or twice a week for six consecutive weeks grounds and integrates spiritual energies, makes you more aware of higher spiritual realities and can quicken spiritual awakening. It promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and helps to bring peace. It helps one learn to go past the “chatter” the mind tends to generate when first learning new modes of being.